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Terms of Use for File and License Associated with My NFTs

Guide for Owners and Users

Introduction A. Introduction to Cryptoartistry

Welcome to the guide on ‘Terms of Use for File and License Associated with NFTs: Guide for Owners and Users.’ As a passionate crypto-artist, I am thrilled to share essential information with you about acquiring and using my NFTs, as well as the importance of protecting and respecting my artistic work. As a crypto-artist, I create unique and original digital artworks that are then linked to non-fungible tokens (NFTs) registered on the blockchain. NFTs offer an exciting opportunity to connect collectors and art enthusiasts to my digital artistic creations, enabling them to acquire authentic works and participate in the appreciation of my work.

B. Importance of Protecting and Respecting Artistic Work

The protection and respect of my artistic work are of paramount importance. As a collector of my NFTs, you actively contribute to the preservation and appreciation of my digital art. Each NFT you acquire represents a true recognition of my talent and creativity, as well as a contribution to the recognition of digital art as a whole. By protecting my artistic work, you ensure its integrity and authenticity. You commit to respecting the copyright associated with the artwork you own, ensuring that you do not reproduce, publicly distribute, or commercially use the work without my prior authorization. Remember that the rarity and value of NFTs are closely linked to the originality and uniqueness of each artistic creation. The more exclusive and preserved a work is, the more it retains its artistic and economic value. By respecting my artistic work, you contribute to preserving the exclusivity of the NFTs you own and enhancing their value in the market.

In the following sections of this guide, we will examine in detail the terms of use for the file and the license associated with my NFTs, the rights granted to you as an NFT owner, as well as the resources available to address your questions and guide you through your experience as a collector of my digital artworks.

Thank you for your continued support of my crypto-artistic activity. Together, let’s create an ecosystem where digital art can thrive and be appreciated while respecting its creators.

What Am I Buying When Purchasing an NFT? A. Description of an NFT on the Blockchain

When you purchase an NFT, you are acquiring a unique token registered on the blockchain. The blockchain is a decentralized and transparent technology that immutably records all transactions related to NFTs. This means that each NFT has a transparent history, accessible to all, attesting to its legitimacy and provenance. The blockchain on which my NFTs are registered ensures the security, traceability, and authenticity of each token you acquire. Thanks to this innovative technology, you can be assured that your NFT is unique, tamper-proof, and truly represents the associated digital artwork.

B. Unique Characteristics of an NFT

Unlike other forms of digital assets, such as audio files or images, NFTs possess unique characteristics that set them apart. Each NFT is indivisible and cannot be split into smaller parts. It represents a whole and exclusive unit of the digital artwork associated with it. Moreover, NFTs are non-fungible, meaning they are not interchangeable with other tokens. Each NFT has its own attributes, such as specific metadata, artist information, creation date, etc., making it unique and distinguishable among other NFTs.

C. Authentication and Provenance of a Digital Artwork

One significant advantage of NFTs is their ability to provide clear authentication and traceability of the represented digital artwork. By purchasing an NFT, you can authenticate and verify the provenance of the digital artwork, enhancing its value and legitimacy. Through the blockchain, you have access to a public ledger that records all past and present transactions related to the digital artwork. This allows you to trace the complete history of the NFT, from its creation by the artist to your acquisition. As a collector, it is essential to understand that the authentication and provenance of a digital artwork are guaranteed by the NFT itself and the blockchain on which it is registered. This provides you with increased confidence in the originality and authenticity of the artwork you own. In the next section of this guide, we will explore the possibilities offered by the artwork and the exclusive content provided with your NFT, as well as the steps to take to protect and respect the rights associated with my artistic work.

Using the Artwork and Provided Exclusive Content

A. Rights Granted to NFT Owners

As an owner of an NFT, you have certain rights related to the use of the digital artwork and the provided exclusive content. These rights allow you to fully enjoy your acquisition and appreciate the artwork within the framework defined by the associated license. The granted rights may vary based on the terms of the license determined by the NFT creator. Therefore, it is essential to review the applicable license before acquiring an NFT. The license will specify the rights granted to you, such as personal use, private display, or the possibility of reselling the artwork.

B. Limitations and Usage Restrictions

While you enjoy certain rights as an NFT owner, it is important to understand that there are also limitations and usage restrictions. These limitations may be set by the license associated with the digital artwork and aim to protect the rights of the artist and their beneficiaries. Limitations and usage restrictions may include prohibitions on reproducing, publicly distributing, or displaying the artwork without prior authorization. It is crucial to respect these limitations to preserve the integrity of the artwork and ensure respect for the artist’s rights.

C. Importance of Respecting Copyright

Copyright protection is of utmost importance in the realm of crypto-art and NFTs. As a collector, it is essential to respect the artist’s copyright and acknowledge their creative contribution. Respecting these rights contributes to the valuation of the NFTs you own and establishes a sustainable ecosystem for artists. When you acquire an NFT, it is crucial to understand that the artist retains the copyright to their artwork. This means that any reproduction, distribution, or public use of the artwork without prior authorization constitutes copyright infringement and may lead to legal consequences. As a responsible collector, ensure that you use the digital artwork and the provided exclusive content in accordance with the granted rights and defined restrictions. This will ensure the respect of the artistic work and support the longevity of the NFT market.

License Associated with the NFT

A. Mention of the Specific License

This license is granted solely for uses within a private context and strictly personal uses within a public context.

B. Rights of Owners of My NFTs

I am a member of the Society of Authors in Graphic and Plastic Arts (ADAGP) and have assigned to them all the patrimonial rights of reproduction and representation of my works. However, I declare that I have obtained the express authorization of ADAGP to allow you to carry out the exploitations provided herein. Any other use of my works, especially for commercial purposes, must be subject to a prior authorization request from ADAGP. Contact details of ADAGP: Address: 11, rue Duguay-Trouin City: Paris Postal Code: 75 006 Country: France Phone Number: +33 (0)1 43 59 09 79 Email Address:

Thus, you are authorized, on a non-exclusive basis, to:

  • Reproduce and represent the artwork on any physical or digital medium within a strictly private context.
  • Reproduce and represent the artwork on your social networks.
  • Additionally, you are authorized to reproduce and represent the artwork, in a degraded quality, in a public context strictly for the purpose of reselling the NFT on marketplaces specialized in NFT sales.

Subject to the following terms: Attribution — Any reproduction or representation of the artwork must be accompanied by the following mention: “© Adagp, Paris [year], Isabelle GOUGET” Which must remain visible and legible in its entirety.

Non-Commercial Use — You are not allowed to use this Work for commercial purposes, in whole or in part.

No Derivative Works — In the event that you create a remix, transform, or create from the material composing the original work, you are not allowed to exploit the modified work in any way.

Duration and Territories — This license is granted worldwide and for the entire duration during which you effectively possess the NFT, subject to the legal duration of copyright protection. If you resell the NFT, you lose the rights granted by this license (which will now benefit the new Acquirer).

Resale of the NFT — You are authorized to resell the NFT to any third party of your choice with the associated usage rights, under the same conditions as stipulated herein, without my prior agreement. The NFT cannot be resold by you without transferring the associated usage rights (and you cannot transfer said rights independently of the NFT sale). The transfer of the NFT between two wallets owned by you is not considered a resale. In case of resale of the NFT to a third party, you must ensure that a 10% percentage of the total resale price is automatically paid to me in exchange for the rights granted by this license.

Other Rights — No warranty is provided. It is possible that the license does not grant you all the permissions necessary for your use. For example, certain rights such as moral rights, personal data rights, and image rights may limit your usage.

Access to Exclusive Content

A. Platform for Accessing Exclusive Content

To access the exclusive content associated with your NFT, you can visit the platform. is the specific platform where you can find and unlock the exclusive content linked to your NFT.

B. Description of Included Unlockable Content

When you unlock the exclusive content associated with your NFT, you will gain access to various additional elements that enrich your experience as an owner. Here is a description of the content included in the unlocking:

  1. Copyright-Embedded JPG File: You will have access to a JPG file of the digital artwork associated with your NFT. This file will include the mandatory attribution notice. The file size will be a minimum of 3000 pixels on the long side. If you print this document, ensure that the notice remains visible and legible.

  2. Guide to File Usage and License: You will also receive a detailed guide to the terms of use for the file and the license associated with the artwork. This guide will provide you with valuable information about the rights granted to you as the NFT owner, as well as the usage restrictions to be observed.

  3. Timelapse of the Creative Process: In the exclusive content, you will find a captivating timelapse showcasing the creative process behind the artwork. This timelapse will allow you to discover the evolution of the artwork from its conception to its final realization.

  4. And many more surprises to come and discover… Access to this additional exclusive content enhances the immersive and unique experience associated with your NFT. You will be able to appreciate the digital artwork in its visual form and learn more about its creation process.

Valuation of NFTs and Respect for Artistic Work

A. Explanation of Rarity and Value of NFTs

NFTs are unique and non-fungible, meaning they represent authentic and original digital artworks. The rarity and uniqueness of NFTs contribute to their value in the market. When you become the owner of one of my NFTs, you possess a digital piece that is an exclusive representation of an artistic creation. NFT technology enables the proof of provenance and authenticity of a digital artwork through the blockchain. This provides an unprecedented level of transparency and traceability in the art world. Collectors recognize the value of owning unique and original NFTs, which drives demand and can increase their value over time.

B. Impact of Respecting Artistic Work on NFT Value

It is essential to protect and respect my artistic work associated with my NFTs. When my copyright is respected, it adds additional value to the artwork and the corresponding NFT. By respecting my artistic work, you contribute to maintaining the integrity and value of my NFTs, as well as promoting a sustainable and ethical market. This can also strengthen the stability of the NFT market and facilitate safer and more transparent transactions. It is important to understand that the value of NFTs can be influenced by my reputation, the rarity of the artwork, its history, and the emotional attachment it evokes in collectors. Respecting my artistic work and protecting my copyright helps maintain this value and preserve the integrity of the NFT market. As an owner of an NFT, you play a crucial role in supporting me and recognizing the value of my work. By protecting and respecting my artistic work, you contribute to maintaining the exclusivity and value of your NFT, as well as supporting the artistic ecosystem as a whole.


A. Summary of Key Points Covered in the Guide

This guide on the terms of use for the file and the license associated with my visual art NFTs has covered several important aspects for owners and users of my NFTs. Here is a summary of the key points covered:

  1. Purchasing an NFT grants you access to a unique token on the blockchain, allowing for authentication and traceability of a digital artwork.
  2. As an NFT owner, you have certain rights defined by the license associated with the artwork, which must be respected.
  3. Respecting the artist’s copyright and adhering to the usage conditions outlined in the license are essential to preserve the integrity of the artwork.
  4. The license associated with your NFT is granted solely for private use and strictly personal use in a public context. It is important to carefully read and understand the terms of this license that applies to your NFT.
  5. To access the exclusive content provided with your NFT, visit the platform. You will find elements such as a copyright-embedded JPG file, the guide to file usage and the license, a timelapse of the creative process, and possibly other surprises to come…

B. Protecting and Respecting Artistic Work

I strongly encourage all owners of my visual art NFTs to protect and respect my artistic work. By valuing and supporting my copyright, you contribute to maintaining the integrity and value of my NFTs, as well as promoting a sustainable and ethical market. By respecting the license associated with my NFTs, you acknowledge my creative work and contribute to preserving my artistic practice. Your commitment to protecting my artistic work helps ensure the rarity and value of the NFTs you own, while fostering a respectful environment for the entire artistic community. Thank you for taking the time to read this guide and for valuing the protection of my artistic work. As a collector of my visual art NFTs, you play an essential role in preserving and appreciating these unique and original creations.