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The beauty of original digital paintings is so much more than just visual delights.

When you purchase an NFT, you’re entering an exclusive realm of creativity.

  • Exclusive Access: Buying an NFT grants you access to an extraordinary world of art. With your purchase, you unlock exclusive content.

  • Original Digital Painting: Your NFT is your key to unlock the digital vault. Inside, you will find the original high-resolution digital painting, a true gem for any art enthusiast.

  • Personal Use License: In addition to the original artwork, you will receive a personal use license. This license grants you the unique privilege to locally print a copy of the artwork for your personal use. It’s your canvas, your masterpiece, ready to adorn your space. 

Digital painting "Les arbres siamois" by Isabelle GOUGET
Digital painting "Les arbres siamois" by Isabelle GOUGET

Why an NFT?

An NFT is more than just a transaction; it’s an entry into an artistic journey. Here’s why it’s so special:

  • Own an Original: By purchasing this NFT, you become the proud owner of THE original digital painting.
  • Exclusivity: This NFT unlocks exclusive content that takes your artistic experience to another level. Immerse yourself in the artist’s universe.
  • Custom Art for Your Space: With access to the original digital illustration, you can download and have it locally printed by a professional. This means there’s no costly or environmentally harmful shipping involved. Plus, you have the freedom to choose both the material and size of your physical print, tailored to your decor.
  • Support the Artist: Every NFT purchase directly supports my creative journey, enabling me to create even more incredible works in the future.
  • Provenance and Authenticity: Rest assured that ownership of your NFT is securely recorded on the blockchain, providing proof of authenticity.
Le driver serein et profond
Le driver serein et profond
Le monde à l'envers
Le monde à l'envers


Want to introduce my exceptional artworks to your art-loving friends and colleagues? Join my referral program and follow these simple steps to spread the word and earn exclusive rewards:

  1. Click on an image to visit the marketplace.
  2. Connect your wallet.
  3. Click the ‘6.9% Link’ button to automatically generate a personalized referral link, which is copied to your clipboard.
  4. Paste and share the link.
  5. If the NFT is sold through your referral link, you will automatically receive 6.9% of the sale price in your wallet.


It’s that easy!


The difference between my original digital paintings and NFTs lies in their nature. My original artworks are the high-resolution JPG files of my paintings, found within the exclusive content linked to the corresponding Darkblock NFT.

The NFT serves as the title of ownership, the certificate of authenticity for the work, and the key to the secure vault, with Darkblock being that vault where the original artwork and personal usage license are stored.

For me, any other physical or digital representation of the artwork is considered a reproduction.

To purchase an original digital painting or NFT, you will need to follow these steps on the NFT Marketplace:

  1. Buy the NFT: Begin by purchasing the NFT. You will be redirected to the NFT marketplace platform, where you can securely complete the purchase using cryptocurrency.

  2. Digital Wallet: Make sure you have a compatible digital wallet to store your NFT.

  3. Ownership: After the transaction is confirmed, you will officially become the owner of the NFT. You can then access the Darkblock vault, where the original digital painting and a personal usage license are stored, ready for you to download.

Enjoy your artwork, and thank you for supporting my work!

When you unlock the exclusive content associated with your NFT, you will gain access to various additional elements that enrich your experience as an owner. Here is a description of the content included in the unlocking:

  1. Copyright-Embedded JPG File: You will have access to a JPG file of the digital artwork associated with your NFT. This file will include the mandatory attribution notice. 

  2. Guide to File Usage and License: You will also receive a detailed guide to the terms of use for the file and the license associated with the artwork. This guide will provide you with valuable information about the rights granted to you as the NFT owner, as well as the usage restrictions to be observed.

  3. Timelapse of the Creative Process: In the exclusive content, you will find a captivating timelapse showcasing the creative process behind the artwork. This timelapse will allow you to discover the evolution of the artwork from its conception to its final realization.

  4. And many more surprises to come and discover… Access to this additional exclusive content enhances the immersive and unique experience associated with your NFT. You will be able to appreciate the digital artwork in its visual form and learn more about its creation process.

NFT transactions operate through blockchain technology. Here’s how you receive your NFT after purchase:

  1. Wallet Setup: Ensure you have a compatible digital wallet. This wallet is essential for receiving the NFT.

  2. Purchase on Marketplace: Start by buying the NFT on a marketplace. The transaction is recorded on the blockchain, confirming ownership.

  3. Transfer to Your Wallet: Once the purchase is complete, the NFT is automatically transferred to your digital wallet.

You can then access and manage your NFT through this wallet. Enjoy your NFT: Connect your wallet to the Darkblock application, where you can download and print a copy of your digital painting.

Remember that NFT ownership is verified on the blockchain, providing proof of authenticity.

Some artworks are available as open editions on Tezos. On a specified date, you can claim an edition for your wallet. Be sure to mark this date on your calendar. After the edition claiming date, you’ll need to make an offer to one of its fortunate owners. 

Yes, I have a dedicated secondary marketplace : :


  1. No fake collections: This ensures that you are buying or selling the NFT of an original artwork, not a counterfeit.
  2. No marketplace fees.
  3. All the artist’s works gathered in one place

NFT transactions are irreversible due to the nature of blockchain technology. Once a transaction is confirmed on the blockchain, it cannot be canceled or reversed.
Please make sure to double-check your choices before finalizing your purchase.

When you purchase an original digital painting/NFT, you acquire this rights :
Thus, you are authorized, on a non-exclusive basis, to:
Reproduce and represent the artwork on any physical or digital medium within a strictly private context.
Reproduce and represent the artwork on your social networks.
Additionally, you are authorized to reproduce and represent the artwork, in a degraded quality, in a public context strictly for the purpose of reselling the NFT on marketplaces specialized in NFT sales.

I am a member of the Society of Authors in Graphic and Plastic Arts (ADAGP) and have assigned to them all the patrimonial rights of reproduction and representation of my works.

However, I declare that I have obtained the express authorization of ADAGP to allow you to carry out the exploitations provided herein.

Any other use of my works, especially for commercial purposes, must be subject to a prior authorization request from ADAGP.

Contact details of ADAGP:

Address: 11, rue Duguay-Trouin

City: Paris

Postal Code: 75 006

Country: France

Phone Number: +33 (0)1 43 59 09 79

Email Address:

I accept payments in ETH (Ethereum) for original digital paintings/NFTs. Additionally, some NFTs are minted on Tezos, so you can use ETH or XTZ (Tezos) as payment methods.

Besoin de place
Besoin de place