Isabelle Gouget, Artiste Peintre

The Importance of Human Touch in Contemporary Art

Les monts sirupeux

Contemporary artists face a growing challenge with the rise of artificial intelligence-generated images dominating the web. However, comparing the artwork of a human artist to that of a machine is like comparing a lovingly cooked meal to an industrially prepared one. While both may feed you, only the former will satisfy you, share a sense of pleasure, and promote good health. Unlike the AI images generated, my artistic approach aims to nourish the soul and transmit positive energy. In my artworks, I express my inner voice.

Digital art comes to life before your eyes

Galerie Métaverse Web 3.0

Digital art is like wine: it can be intimidating at first, but once you’ve tasted it, you can’t get enough. So come and discover the Métaverse gallery and let yourself be intoxicated by the immersion in a world where art and technology come together to offer you a unique experience.

NFT: Dive into the World of Digital Art

NFT sur OBJKT. Tezos

The art world has been revolutionized by NFTs, or non-fungible tokens. NFTs are unique digital assets that use blockchain technology to verify ownership and authenticity. In other words, NFTs are a way of owning and trading digital art, music, videos, and more.

NFTs have taken the art world by storm, with many artists, musicians, and creators selling their work for millions of dollars. But what exactly are NFTs, and how do they work?

In this article, we’ll dive into the world of NFTs, exploring what they are, how they work, and why they’re changing the art world as we know it. We’ll also look at some of the most famous NFT sales to date and discuss the future of NFTs in the art world.

So whether you’re an art enthusiast or just curious about the latest trends in the art world, read on to learn more about NFTs and how they’re transforming the way we think about digital art.

Women in Tech 2023

The Women in Tech 2023 Showcase event is an annual conference dedicated to celebrating and supporting the achievements of women in the Web3 industry.

How to support artists

le faucon messager

Discover meaningful ways to support artists and fuel their creative vision in this article. Whether you’re a dedicated art enthusiast or committed to empowering artists, you’ll find actionable tips to help them flourish. From investing in their artwork to leveraging social media to showcase their work, there are many ways to amplify artists’ impact and contribute to their success. Don’t miss this chance to make a difference in the art world and invest in its vibrant and diverse future!

Favorable opinion

Discover the enthusiastic feedback from fans of Isabelle Gouget, a talented artist who shares her digital paintings on social media

Need space

Base de données et utilisations massives

The blog article talks about the artwork “Need for Space” which belongs to the “Cycle of Life” collection. It describes the continuous growth and renewal of plants and trees in the Centre of Imagination, creating a balanced ecosystem.

It’s Growth: The Fascinating Tale of Nature’s Marvel

utilisations par des institutions culturelles à but non lucratif destinées à promouvoir leur collection d’art

If you’re someone who is passionate about art, nature, and sustainability, then this article is for you! “It Grows” is not just a beautiful artwork, but also a thought-provoking piece that explores the interconnectedness of all things in nature. From the symbolism of the Siamese trees to the importance of nature in our lives, this article will take you on a journey of discovery and reflection. Plus, with the “Circle of Life” collection and the NFT of the artwork, you can bring a piece of this message into your own life in a sustainable and meaningful way. So, take a moment to dive into this article and explore the world of “It Grows”.