Isabelle Gouget, Artiste Peintre

Échos de Liberté
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Discover my unique collection of NFTsDigital Paintings“!

Each NFT represents a unique digital artwork. In addition to serving as a transaction, proof of authenticity, and ownership title, each NFT is also a membership badge of the “Nature and Creation” community. As the owner of these NFTs, you have access to the corresponding digital files through the Darkblock application. You can easily download and print high-resolution JPG and/or TIFF files.

The “Digital Paintings” collection goes beyond mere artworks. By joining the “Nature & Creation” community on Discord as an “Art Investor” member, you gain special benefits.

The “Art Investor” status grants you access to an even more exclusive circle. You’re not only investing in unique digital artworks but also in my artistic journey.

Explore my collection of NFTsDigital Paintings” and dive into a world of exceptional digital art. Become the owner of unique artworks and join a passionate community of investors.

Join me in this digital artistic adventure and be inspired by the beauty and freedom of digital art!

Immerse yourself in a magical world and explore the beauty of the life cycle through this collection of 8 original NFTs. Inspired by nature, each NFT represents a stage of the life cycle through magical jars symbolizing the strength of nature. The 1/1 NFTs provide you access to high definition files of the digital paintings, while the open edition NFTs allow you to acquire images at an affordable price. Discover the beauty of germination, blossoming, and harvest in each digital artwork of this exclusive collection.

My NFT collection showcases my phygital works, which are numbered and signed physical artworks. The NFTs serve as a transaction, proof of authenticity, and ownership title of the artwork. Additionally, they give you access to the corresponding digital files on the application. You can download and print high-resolution JPG and/or TIFF files, as well as a PDF form for delivery of the original artwork. This form contains a secret code that verifies the accuracy of the delivery information, and should be sent to my email address provided on the form.

Darkblock provides an immersive user experience by directly connecting your wallet to their application. Through this integration, you can easily access the exclusive content of your NFTs, view and download them with just a few clicks. Darkblock is a convenient solution for managing your NFTs and optimizing your digital ownership experience, all without having to leave your favorite artist’s website. With Darkblock, you benefit from a smooth and intuitive user experience that allows you to fully enjoy your NFT collection.