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Click on the photo to discover the NFT of the physical artwork

I am delighted to introduce my latest artwork, “It Grows“. This artwork explores the beauty and resilience of nature, a theme that has always captivated me. I am fascinated by how nature adapts and thrives despite challenges, and I sought to capture this essence in my art.

In this piece, I created an imaginary world where trees grow in unexpected ways. Siamese trees intertwine with each other, forming a unique and stunning shape. The Upside-Down Trees, on the other hand, appear to defy gravity as they grow downward, with roots reaching toward the sky.

To share this imaginary world with others, I have created a series of products featuring my artwork. Each product is crafted with high-quality materials and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring they will last for years to come. I believe my art is not only something to admire, but something that can bring joy and beauty into everyday life.

I invite you to explore my collection on Redbubble and discover the enchanting world of “It Grows“.

The beauty and resilience of nature

Exploration of the lush fantasy world of Siamese Trees and Upside-Down Trees

As an artist, I have always been inspired by nature and its intricate beauty. In “It Grows“, I created a world where trees take on new life, challenging traditional growth patterns. Siamese trees, for example, intertwine, creating a unique and fascinating shape. Upside-down trees grow downward, with roots that seem to reach for the sky.

Through these trees, I wanted to highlight the beauty and diversity of nature. Each tree is different, with its own shape and character. It’s a reminder that even in a world where everything seems the same, there’s still room for individuality and diversity.

Reflection on the representation of nature in art

Nature has always been a popular subject in art, and for good reason. Its beauty and complexity have inspired artists for centuries.

In “It Grows“, I wanted to show nature in a new and unique way. By creating an imaginary world where trees take on unexpected shapes and patterns, I hope to inspire others to see nature in a new light.

Discussion on the resilience of nature in the face of current environmental challenges

Nature has always been resilient, adapting to changes and challenges over time. However, in recent years, the environment has faced unprecedented challenges, from climate change to pollution.

Through my art, I want to highlight the resilience of nature in the face of these challenges. By creating a world where trees grow in unexpected ways, I hope to inspire others to see the beauty and strength of nature, even in the most difficult circumstances. As we face these challenges, it’s important to remember that we must also be resilient and take action to protect the environment for future generations.

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Click on the photo to discover the NFT of the physical artwork.

The symbolic meaning of “It Grows

Analysis of the composition of the work and its use of color

The composition of “It Grows” is designed to evoke a sense of wonder and curiosity. Each tree is unique, with its own shape and character.
The Siamese trees” and the trees of the “upside down world“, are in the background and are part of the landscape to show that they are here at home and that they are part of the landscape. It is on the trunk of the tree in the foreground that this directs the gaze. And more particularly at the foot of the tree, where you can make out the broken crater. This makes the transition to the work “Need a place“.

Reflection on the Symbolic Meaning of Siamese Trees and Upside-Down Trees

Siamese trees and upside down trees are not only unique in their appearance, but they also have symbolic meaning.

Siamese trees represent unity and interdependence. As they grow together, they become stronger and more resilient. They remind us that we are all connected and that by working together we can achieve great things.

Upside-down trees, on the other hand, represent a different kind of strength. By developing in unexpected ways, they challenge traditional norms and expectations. They remind us that sometimes the best way to thrive is to go against the grain.

Discussion on the value of nature in our lives

Nature plays a vital role in our lives, providing us with food, shelter and resources. But its value goes beyond practical uses. It also has a profound impact on our mental and emotional well-being.

Studies have shown that spending time in nature can reduce stress and anxiety, and even improve our physical health. Nature has a calming effect on the mind and can help us feel more connected to the world around us.

Through “It Grows“, I hope to encourage people to appreciate the beauty and value of nature.

Merchandising on Redbubble

Presentation of the available merchandise on Redbubble

For those who have been inspired by “It Grows” and want to bring a piece of this imaginary world into their daily lives, I have made the artwork available as merchandise on Redbubble. Redbubble is an online marketplace that offers a wide range of products, including clothing, phone cases, stickers, home decor, and more.

The “It Grows” merchandise features various versions of the artwork, including close-up shots of the trees, and is available on a variety of products. Whether you’re looking for a t-shirt with an upside-down tree or a phone case with a Siamese tree, there’s something for everyone.

Discussion on the quality and originality of the products

As an artist, quality and originality are of the utmost importance to me. That’s why I have chosen to partner with Redbubble, a company that is known for its high-quality products and commitment to supporting independent artists.

All products are made-to-order, meaning they are produced only when a customer places an order. This ensures that each product is of the highest quality and meets the customer’s expectations.

Furthermore, all products on Redbubble are designed by independent artists, including myself. This means that every purchase directly supports independent artists and their creative work.

Why Durable Products Are Worth the Cost ?

Some people may be hesitant to purchase merchandise due to the cost of the products or a lack of interest in physical products. However, there are several reasons why purchasing merchandise on Redbubble is a great way to support independent artists and bring a piece of “It Grows” into your life.

Firstly, the cost of the products on Redbubble is competitive and reasonable for the quality of the products. Additionally, Redbubble often offers discounts and promotions, making the products even more affordable.

Secondly, while physical products may not be for everyone, they can make great gifts for friends and family who appreciate art and nature. Plus, by purchasing merchandise, you’re supporting independent artists and helping them continue to create.

In conclusion, “It Grows” is not just a piece of artwork but a reminder of the beauty and resilience of nature. Through merchandise on Redbubble, you can bring a piece of this imaginary world into your daily life while also supporting independent artists.


Recap of the themes explored in the article

In this article, we explored the themes of beauty, resilience, symbolism, and value of nature through the artwork “It Grows“. We examined the lush fantasy world of Siamese Trees and Upside-Down Trees, reflected on the representation of nature in art, discussed the resilience of nature in the face of current environmental challenges, analyzed the composition and symbolic meaning of the artwork, and finally, presented the merchandise available on Redbubble.

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For those who want to own a piece of “It Grows” forever, there is an NFT of the physical artwork available for purchase. This unique digital asset allows you to own a piece of the artwork that is verified on the blockchain and cannot be duplicated. It’s a way to own a piece of art that is both beautiful and secure.

In conclusion, “It Grows” is not just a piece of artwork, it’s a reminder of the beauty and resilience of nature. Through my art, I hope to inspire others to see the world in a new light, to appreciate the value of nature, and to make choices that contribute to a sustainable future.