Isabelle Gouget, Artiste Peintre

Opportunities for Buyers

As a token of appreciation to my valued collector, the first purchaser of this NFT will have the exclusive opportunity to receive a personally signed fine art print by the artist. This signed print will be offered at cost price, with the buyer covering shipping expenses.

Besoin de place
Besoin de place
  1. Clic on image “Le monde à l’envers” 
  2. You’ll be redirected to the dedicated Manifold page for that artwork. 
  3. On the Manifold page: Connect your ETH-compatible wallet.
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  5. Copy the link by clicking the “SHARE 6.9% LINK” button.
  6. Share this link far and wide. 🎁 If someone buys one of my artworks using your link, you’ll receive a 6.9% reward of the sale price. 🎨🙌


If you’re as captivated by ‘Le Monde à l’Envers’ as I am and you’d like to share this extraordinary artwork with friends and fellow art enthusiasts, I have an exciting referral program just for you. By participating in my referral program, you not only get the chance to introduce others to the world of ‘Le Monde à l’Envers’ but also earn exclusive rewards for your support.

Here : Clic on image below 

Besoin de place
Besoin de place